Pietro Sollecito - UWW Exchange - n°2

We have completed our first full game of spring training with the Wisconsin Whitewater Warhawks and I can honestly say that the players, teams and program seems to be of top quality. I have been lucky enough to immediately participate in the practice and pregame preperations which were executed flawlessly by this fine group of baseball professionals. I have recorded and am trying to post a few photos and a rough video shot at field level of the pregame infield drill.

Of the things to note in the drill most interesting are the constant movement and lack of interuption. The Warhawks all know how and what to do and execute without interuption or much instruction. As far as technique, I am hoping to bring back some good pointers on inflied footwork and to use this or other videos to demonstrate the correct footwork for approach, fielding and throwing on a ground ball play. Oh and yes, the weather is fantastic in Florida!!

As a final point, please make all the comments you want and especially questions on things which may be helpful for you. If I know what to look for from you then I am sure I can find it, film it and post it.


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