Oakland Athletics Exchange - European touch

Last Day in Arizona :

Andy PAZ Toulouse French Academy playing for the A's.

Belgium is running Warming up...

Exchange with Oakland A's - Pictures

Rickey Henderson Teaching base running

Coaches meeting

BOB Welch


Rickey Henderson

Keith Lippman
Leigh Norman (Australia) Sana Jérôme (Belgium) David Bishop (New zealand)


Exchange with Oakland A's - Part 5

Second week in camp.

RickeyHenderson shows up. Hall of fame 25 years in the major, record holder for most stolen, bases (1406) …

Game at D'back, picture: one of the two bunting fields…

Exchange at Oakland A's - Part 4

BP session this morning the field is 400 feet and all the guys are dropping bombs over the fences. Batting practice is divided in 3 groups : hitting, base running, shagging.

On two fields. Pitching and catching on the side.
Today the giants are coming we won last time at giant's field.
Bob is trying to make Belgian waffles...