Day 5 , 6 & 7 in Chicago's Area

Friday, Pete and I went to St Charles High School (North Stars). Here we could saw an infield- outfield practice. It was my first sunny day but cold and windy too... There, I spended a very good time with the coaches who run one of the best high school's program. Head Coach Todd Genke (Milwaukee Brewers AAA pitcher and Terry Ayers ABCA Hall of Farmer) introduce me during the coaches time. I had the possibility to present the goals of the EBCA exchange and more generaly the baseball situation in my french's area. After this, Pete had a seminar with Leattle League coaches from Huntley's aera. A very interesting time to discover the volunters baseball program in a nice place (Pro Player Academy).

Saturday, It was the biggest schedule that Pete organized. At 6 am ready to roll !

7 am back to St Charles High School where Todd gaves me a personal topic of each practice stations (videos to come). Very instructive and thanks a lot to him ! After this, Pete had a new seminar for the Elgin's Leattle League coaches. An interesting time too.

3rd step was at Algonquin HD Jabobs Highs School. Here I saw an all teams practice (freshmen, softmore, varsity). Al lot a different exercices with a special time with Head Coach Eric Kehoe and John Sarna (Athl. trainer Florida Marlins and Jon Anderson Red Sox minor leaguer).

4 pm ready to go to Chicago White Sox Academy after a quick lunch break... 15 minutes !... Here we saw their young softball team (10 to 12 years old). A very nice time to saw those girls have a fast and hard practice. Amazing too.

We begun to be a little tired but had to finish with the last step: our 2nd seminar. Pete had to present practice organisation to coaches from Roselle Baseball League. Here the volunteers rent for 3 months an empty warehouse. They use this space, modify it in an indoor facilitie with an infield and 4 batting cages. Awesome ! Pete left me do my first talk to those coaches. A good experience. 10 pm time to drive home for lunch... It was certainly one of my more intense coaching day in my life.

3rd day was our seminar's day. Pete had scheduled 3 talk for volunteers coaches at Schamberg Baseball Association, Bartlett baseball Association and Try Cities Little League. I was a great day too. For the second time, Pete left me do some practice drill stations with different groups of coaches. But the biggest think with all the people I've met is their so friendly wellcome.

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