Day 3 & 4 in Chicago's aera

At Lincoln Way North High School I discovered some amazing sports facilities I ever seen before. This school has, beside other, a huge gym with separation nets and a track arround.

The practice was organized in 2 groups for infielders -outfielders and 2 others for pitchers-catchers. Each ones had to rotate during the stations at batting cage and other for BP exercices. After finishing their work, the pitchers stopped in the weight room for cardio excercices. The practice ended with a dynamic infield pratice. Coach Joe Skerbek makes here a great job and thanks to him for his disponibility.

Later in the night, Al droves me in Chigago downtown. A nice tour in the city by night. Like the other days I had to discover a new speciality: the famous Uno's Chicago Dip Dish Pizza. Nothing else to say than big and tasty. I've met there Aaron a funny waiter who memorize all names of the clients ! A restaurant to advise...

Day after, I've got whith Al and Pete a VIP card for the official presentation ceremony of Joliet's Slammers new logo and uniforms. This team will play this season in the Frontier League (Professionnal Independant Baseball). A big event at the Joliet Rialto Theater. I've met there some old time Negro League and recent MLB players.
After those 4 days, I would thank a lot Al Budding for his kindness, hospitality and sharing of his baseball knowleges.

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