Last days at Milwaukee Brewers Minor League Complex

The second week in Phoenix was more intensive than first one because I was included in the program every day at infield early work, infielders I.P.S. and BP program so when I finished my task I took the opportunity to go and observe other activities at cages, bullpens or gym when was possible.

At the gym was Jeff Mester, Minor League Strength & Conditioning Coordinator, with his staff working with weights and stuff. Like I studied and work like trainer too I was like at home. We discuss about schedules and settings for each player and time of year: rest or recovery times, ranges of movement... Was very interesting too because I consider another task ahead to improve. As well, they did an important nutrition and supplementation speech for off-season program.



Another interesting activity


Days 4 to 7 at Milwaukee Brewers Minor League Complex

Every morning I started with the infield early work, learning how to do a better infielders with a perfect basics ones. We put great emphasis on the basics of fielding: watch the ball, flex the legs, glove on the dirt, hand relaxed.....
I usually went to ear Hitting Coordinator Sandy Guerrero in the cages. He worked mental part at bat as well as improve small details that take you to improve your performance at the plate. Always with a faster swing.
After the throwing program always was a throw or glove drill: Rundown drill, Four Corners on the Run.....this is interesting to create a competitive atmosphere before the IPS. I went to saw the OF workout. They use a lot of drills throwing the ball with the hand and sometimes, the guys here thought that this in for kids, but is really effective to use for game situations and footworks recreate. I’d like this kind of drills.
At day 4 during the game in Surprise against the Royals I had another beautiful experience coaching at 1B. I’ll have another one in the nexts days (picture is from “Advanced” IL)

Is time for baserunnnig practice and


EBCA Exchange Coach Jorge Miqueleiz at Brewers' Instructional league

Day 1-2-3 at Milwaukee Brewers Minor League Complex

After a long trip from Spain at 6:30 in the morning I was at the door of the complex ready to meet staff members and start my first instructional league day.

When the staff meeting finished I went to field 8 to see the infield early work with the Infield Coordinator Bob Miscik and Dominican Summer League Manager Nestor Corredor. Always they are the first ones to star to work so I had time to see the hitters and the bunters in the cages and field 7. 
Usually they used the cages to hitting and relax his arms working in swing adjustments. Here are waiting single A hitting coach Ned Jost IV and rookie league hitting coach Kenny Dominguez.
In field 7 bunts practice focused on getting the better angle to achieve the goal. Some sacrifice bunts, bunts for a base hit, drag bunts or squeeze plays under Tony Diggs and Charlie Greene view. Tony is assistant director for development center and Charlie is the field and catching coordinator.
The players rotate for all the work areas.
At 9:00 am