Last day (11) in Chicago's aera

Last day in Chicago which ends this amazing EBCA coache's exchange. It could be assumed that it would be quiet. But not! Until the end (leaving at 9.45 pm) Pete and I organized a busy day. First back to Hooters for lunch with those pretty waitresses ! I think my teammates will like the photos!... After this Pete wanted to show me Wrigley Field. Normally, it was impossible to visit it. But I was so lucky ... Pete met Mary Kusmirek (Cubs Exterior Stadium Operations Coordinator)walking on the sidewalk behind the left field. 1 minute later I was taking inside a special tour with her. Thank you so much Mary !
Next step was a stop downtown and arroud the lake. It was a great moment especially at St Patrick's Day. To close this exchange program, we scheduled a practice to see at University of Illinois at Chicago (UIC Flames), Pete's team when he was student. I discovered the best (all in turf) field I ever seen before. There, the players did a strong practive. No time to stay, Coach Sean Mc Dermott made them work hard and we saw a lot of new drills. Thanks Sean for this awesome moment.
Now, a 3 hours before leaving I think how lucky a was to be there. So many people to thank: particularly the EBCA (and Christophe Dassy) for this first and huge program, all the coaches and players who wellcome me so friendly ! Finally my biggest thanks need to go to Al Budding, Beverly and Pete "GPS" Caliendo for hosting me so well. I had a lot of fun ! Hope to see you soon in France....

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