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London, 14 March 2011

Well, I leave what is argueably the original seed of baseball today. It all began with the novel idea of throwing a solid ball to a batter who would hit it accurately and then run (somewhere) to score runs. The story seems to go that this concept evolved into cricket and rounders two games which were exported to the wider world by British sailors and settlers. In America, these games gave birth to a new form of bat and ball sport called baseball which saw its first professional experiments in either Cooperstown or Hoboken depending on who you believe!
This latest British bat and ball export does not pretend to be anywhere near as significant, but it is rather interesting to think about where baseball has gone and how much further it has to go. Perhaps the game will not have really achieved its full potential unless it can be retransported and fully integrated into the home from whence it originally began. Perhaps I can play a small part in that process. As a kid born in Hoboken, NJ, I am certainly intrigued by the possibilites.

I have posted a few photos from the London Mets' recent practice. I will miss the boys and girls we train at Finsbury Park, but I am sure that my experiences in the US will only contribute to the work we do in London through the summer. Wisconsin, here I come....

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