Day 5 and Day 6

Gameday Butler had scheduled to play 2 games (doubleheader) against Oakland from Michigan.

The weather was lousy and it had been raining heavily for the last couple of days. The White Water River, nearby the baseballfield, was about 9 feet higher than normal but the baseballfield was in great shape.
It was freezing cold, somewhere between 30 and 40 Fahrenheit and a little windy not a day which you actually want to be playing baseball or even worse just sit and watch.

Team Breakfast had been scheduled for 8.45. For Team Breakfast some parents of the Butler Baseballplayers organised and cooked Pancakes, Gravy, Biscuits, Bacon, Eggs, Drinks and more.
Butler lost the first game but shut the opponent down in the second game and scored three runs, on a three run bomb by Michael Letzter, after he missed two bunt attempts with runners on first and second. Great pitching pitching by Wagoner (7 Innings)and Earle (2 Innings) who both owned the strike zone with great breaking stuff and a good fastball. Pictures and more news about the game you can find here.

Up in the press box it was warm...here a video of the press box crew...

That was a long tough day for all the players, coaches and fans.

Glad the Bulldogs won the second game!

Day 6

The people in Indy make this stay really special and this what I am going to take home. Hopefully we will stay in touch for a long time.

can t wait for tomorrow :)

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