Spring Training 2011 vs. Southern Maine - Day 4

Today the Warhawks took on Southern Maine in a Reserve Game at the beautiful Lake Myrtle Park complex. We arrived to a welcome sight for an adoptive Londoner, a thick and unpenetrable fog. The Florida sun did not take long to reaffirm its dominance and burned through the pea soup in just under an hour, but in the meantime, the Warhawks split into three stations of wiffle ball batting practice. The peculiar thing about this practice was the use of modified wiffle balls. These wiffle balls were covered with the normal baseball leather and some were drilled with holes. The use simulated the look and feel of real baseballs and the ones with holes added extra movement at the strike zone. The best part is the limited space necessary to conduct these batting practices and the limited damage these balls present. In fact, those shagging the balls being hit did not use gloves and could themselves refine their eye hand coordination and fielding technique.

In the photos, we highlight two wonderful sequences: The first is the anatomy of a caught stealing from the perspective of the shortstop covering the base and making the putout. Note the perfect position to receive the ball and the wonderful technique in applying the tag:

Second, we have the anatomy of knocking in a run. See the ball come off the bat and headed down the third base line. A wonderful follow through and notable is the base runner's eyes as he follows the flight of the ball over the thrid baseman's glove before breaking for home plate.

The Warhawks took this game as well.

Afterwards, the coaches got together and bought a grill so they could prepare some fantastic steaks. The marinade was prepared by the expert hands of Head Coach John Vodenlich and so I will give him the opportunity to write us a few words on how to prepare it.

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