EBCA Exchange : Pomona Pitzer Ronny Heymans

Arrival day:

It was a long trip...
25 hours to make it to Los Angeles.
After a lay over in Philadelphia and an extra 2 hours delay I finally land at Los Angeles international airport.
The Beckett familly is waiting for me. Lisa is working at Pomona College as senior administrator. Dennis works in the LA area as an operations manager. They have 3 childrens, Danny Jo who plays soccer at Chico state, Holly she plays volleyball at Navy university. They also have a son, Henry, which plays ice hockey in Buffalo, New-York.
I get to have a taste at the American culture by  eating at In and Out burger restaurant, apparently a very good reference.

Day 1 :

Guess what? Blue sky, nice temperatures, great setting with the mountains. Frank, the head coah of the teams tours me around the campus. The baseball field, football fields, the 2 inside gyms, swimming pool, tennis courts, track and field, everything you can imagine.
Pre practice work consists of live BP. Since it's only the second practice of the season it's good to have those extra cuts to get the timing in. All players now are gathering and getting ready for the warmup. Good warmup, arms get loose, and there is the infield outfield. Afternoon practice will be mostly for pitchers to get their innings in. All 8 pitchers get to do their work by the time it gets too dark.
Practice is over time now for some mexican food... Got to ask Frank again what we had I don't remember exactly but it was really good!

Tomorrow will start early... 6:30 AM with the team testing for the mile run. Who said enjoy your holiday??? Then back again for the pre-practice at 2PM.

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