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The weekend in LA

No baseball actually on the weekend.

We had double intersquad games to be played on saturday but none of them could be played. I don't know if it's me because I'm from Belgium where it rains every other day but it rained a lot saturday morning, well enough to cancel the full day. I could then enjoy a full day of shopping in a great shopping mall.
On sunday, got to Santa Monica and Venice. Really strange people out there, you have to see it to believe it. Then to Beverly Hills, Rodeo drive and it's incredible shops. it's amazing how clean and nice that place is.

Then on to Hollywood boulevard for the Walk of fame and Kodak theater. Captain America was there, Dark Vador, Super Jamie and Jack Sparrow where on hand.

After a walk on Sunset boulevard, I wanted to head to Dodger stadium for a possible tour, off to Melrose Avenue but the stadium was closed so no stadium visit for me this year...

I decided to compensate this by some shopping at the local mall. That actually put the finishing touch on that awesome sunday.
Monday morning...it's raining again (yeah it's got to be me)
Intersquad cancelled but the players still got the weightlifting done in the morning and got the inside gym for some rundow drills :

All players gathered then for the signs. No folks I'm not going to say what it was. Had a burger at one of the many restaurants on campus and went back home.

Tomorrow, practice in the afternoon (it should not rain) and diner at Coach Pericolosi's place.

See you tomorrow guys!


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