Apply for the 2012 EBCA Coach Exchange Program

In 2011, 4 coaches, from 4 different nations and different levels were awarded a spot for the 2011 EBCA Coach Exchange Program.

Germany's Benjamin Kleiner went to Indiana with coach Steve Farley's Butler Bulldogs.

France's Bertrand Rue, spent 2 amazing weeks with Caliendo Sports International in Chicago and was exposed to all levels of baseball, from youth to professional levels.

England's Pietro Sollecito was headed to Florida to attend coach Vodenlich's Wisonsin Whitewater Warhawks' Spring Training in Florida.

And of course, Belgian academy coach Filip Vandermeiren, who just got back from Arizona and has been spoiled with the Milwaukee Brewers.

All of them had a great experience and all host organizations have really enjoyed the chance to spread their knowledge and share their love of our game.

It is now time for you, to apply and possibly become one of the 2012 EBCA Exchange Program ambassadors in the US.

Become a member of the EBCA, apply and YOU may one of the lucky coaches to be featured on this blog in a few months and the experience related here as early as January may be YOURS.

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