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Last Day in Claremont.

Today will be my last day. Packing in the morning and heading for a jog with assistant coach Nick Sussman.

Yesterday's practice was also the last  one before the season starts. The Sagehens are playing their 1st season game on Friday.
The goal now during practice is to have everything covered before the first game.
1st and 3rd plays are reviewed and executed, pick off plays, baserunning, pop up communication. Pitchers got their conditionning in and hitters took BP.

After practice
we headed to the restaurant with my host family and coach P.
Nice place, good food. We loved it.
I would like to stress it again but Lisa and Dennis Beckett-Berger made my stay so comfortable. They are really special. I would really like to thank them for these 2 weeks.

We have practice today at 3:15, my last time with the team, my last BP for them. I'll wish them the best for the season and maybe I'll see again if they come to play for us like Nick Frederick did in 2011. They will remind me of a group of hard working kids, helping, caring for each other, and always thankfull.

Tomorrow, early wake up : 3:30 AM, my flight from LA to Philly is at 8:30. I should be back in Brussels on saturday morning.
My father, my wife Sarah, my daughter Maureen and my son Tom will be there. They missed me so much. I'll be glad to find them again. I'd also like to thank them for understanding my passion and accepting it.

See you soon guys.


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