Made in Japan ! Day Zero

    Hello everybody ! My name is Jean-Pascal Furet, I'm a 37 years old french baseball coach in Britanny and I'm lucky enough to be  part of the EBCA Coach Exchange Program for  Japan.

  Here we are. After a day long trip from France to Germany through Seoul the whole Team Europe (players and coaches) reached the japanese city of Fukuoka. Even from the plane, while landing, we were able to see dozens of baseball fields. Later we were told that  135 High School teams were playing in the city !

     After meeting our japanese counterparts, we went to check in the hotel room. Noodles and woods chopstick (small barrel) were at the menu for our first meal in Japan. But it's already time for us to prepare our gears to be ready for tomorrow's morning practice... Let's be ready for 7 am.

In Frankfurt, right before the departure.

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