Made in Japan: day 2 and 3

Day 2: was dedicated to visit the city of Fukuoka. We had the oppotunity to pay a visit to the local mizuno shop and several other baseball shops. No need to say how we have appreciated this tour. The weather was sunny and allowed us to enjoy the beauty of the Blossom Cherry flowers .

Day 3:

Let's get back to the field ! The first part of the day is dedicated to a  pratice with the  the team of HAKATA high school. The team was divided in three groups to work on fielding, the swing and some conditionning. This High School has no specific training facilities. This explains why, when it rains, the practice take place where room is avalaible. Those high school teams are used to train very hard, sometimes 7 times a week and for more than 3 or 4 hours straight. The name of their game is discipline and effectiveness.

Team Europe hosted by Hakata High School.
The common roster is composed of 18 player. This said 18 extra players train with them with the hope to take the first spot available. Each training is challenging and all players are used to train very hard with respect and dedication to the team, the coach and the High School. They even show great respect to their teammates after each exercice. This is so different from our trainings...

Dry swing drill.
Fielding drill.

After a ceremony of present exchange between both teams, we were supposed to play our first game at 1:00 pm. But due to some rain the field was quickly full of puddles and completly soaked. Therefore the game was postponed.

The Hakata High School field before the rain.

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