Visiting GSU: Final post

Wrapping it up:

Since my stay ends while the team travels to Florida for the Bright House tournament, I want to take a few moments to sum up what I am taking home from a coach’s perspective:
The setup at the D1-level is fantastic. The facilities (playig field, cages, grounds crew, clubhouse etc.) offer top level conditions for player development. Drills can be adjusted to a more european situation with fewer players, but does require the players  helping out since there are rarely enough coches to supervise all groups working at the same time.

The game here is played really fast and coaches need to be up to speed and think ahead. In game coaching and managing is very demanding. I takes great knowledge of one´s players and game situations to make the right move. And then sometimes, you make the right move and it still does not work out.

Just as in European Baseball leagues winning games and teaching the players fundamental techniques need to be handled simultanously, as a coach deals with seniors and freshman at the same time, and still needs to win. The talent level is good yet the differences in readyness to play differ from player to player, especially considering newcomers (freshmen) to the program and older, more seasoned veterans (seniors) in a way comparable to a european team trying to incorporate junior players at the Bundesliga level. In some situations the two players are really similar and in the end it only comes down to which of the two is playing better defense or swinging the bat better.

Also I wanted to take the time to thank GSU, Coach Frady, all the coaches and players for allowing me to join their program while the season was already under way. I feel blessed to have had the opportunity to make this trip. I had a blast as everybody could not have been more friendly. 

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