Made In Japan: day 5

Day 5:

   The Japan realism in matter of baseball is way more important than I thought. Here baseball is not only a game but also a way of life. The team spirit is everywhere and shows itself all the time. The very polite way of the japanese may not show their real motivation: wanting to win.
Always ready...

     I never saw such a dedication to the game. The way they train, the way they respect each other made me think that they won the WBC for some good reason. We don't have to be ashamed by the way we live the game but we may use some of their assets for our own good.. It may be useful.

On day 5 the team played a doubleheader. But I'll not talk about it. I'll talk about how I experienced it as a 3rd base coach. As a 3rd base coach my job is to help the team to score runs by using the weapons available... yes it's a fight ! So players must be ready to execute the different plays I ask for. A coach must also know his players and their abilities to do so. I have to admit that I don't really know them and I had to see by myself what they can do and what they can't do. 
    On these two games I wanted to be as effective as possible on every play. But I made the mistake to have a "japanese" way of doing things. It was not as effective as I expected because my players were not.. japanese.. at all. I may have had a chance with them but I guess we needed more practice together and more repetition...

This is by the way a good experience for me in a difficult situation. The japanese showed great skills playing baseball. The teams we faced were really strong and it was also a good experience for our ten players. 


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