Take part to the EBCA Coach of the Year Award selection process.


The European Baseball Coaches Association is proud to announce the selection process for the 2011 EBCA Coach of the Year Award.

Now, you can be part of it. Here is how.

Nomination Process:

- Nominations including a description of the coaches' achievements during the past 12 months need to be sent to the EBCA by October 20th at the latest. (Anyone can submit a nomination)

Pre-selection Process:

- Each EBCA board member will evaluate each candidate and will grade each one of them from 1 to 5 (1 being the lowest, 5 the highest score)
- The membership record of each candidate will be taken into account in the pre-election process

- These rankings will be collected by the EBCA Award Committee, which then will nominate the 5 highest scoring candidates to the EBCA membership to vote on

Final Election Process:

- Active EBCA members (after November 2010) will receive the right to vote on one of the remaining five candidates. The votes of our EBCA membership will count for 50% of the overall votes.

- Following the same voting process, the votes of the EBCA board members will count for the remaining 50%


- The recipient of the Coach of the Year Award will be announced at the upcoming EBCA Convention in November.

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