Brewers exchange - Monday October 3rd

The Brewers have won the first 2 games of the NLDS and the excitement is big over here.

Everybody here is looking forward to game 3 that will be played Tuesday in Phoenix. A win by Milwaukee at Chase Field would open the doors of the NLCS to the Brew Crew.

We are still short staffed here as the guys who were invited to Milwaukee by the front office will only be back for Tuesday.

The day stats a bit later then usual. The staff meets 30 minutes later than usual and on-field activities only start at 10.
We get to hit some fungoes for the inflielders with IF coach Bob Miczick.

Catchers, outfielders and pitchers are spread out on the different fields and get their work in as every day.

First basemen Nick Ramirez (4th round draft pick 2011) and Hunter Morris (4th round draft pick 2010 who took part to the Arizona Fall League last year)

A group of pitchers then joins the infielders to work on PFPs.
All IF positions are filled and 3 situations are been worked one after each other.

Runner at 2nd base - daylight play (with the SS)
Next play, we simulate a runner at 1st and 2nd. A ball is rolled towards 3rd and pitcher and 3rd baseman have to communicate to either get the runner at 3rd of get the out at 1st base.
The last play is a "in between grounder" for the pitcher or 1st baseman.

Off to the batting cages for some hitting work before lunch. Nothing really special there. Just getting some  work done, finding a groove.

After lunch, Chris is headed to Glendale to coach 1st base with the advanced team while Filip is staying home to coach 1st base against the Angels.

Camelback Ranch, Spring home of the Dodgers and White Sox

It's again a great experience. Coaches are there to bring some input on positioning, how to communicate...
The Brewers' staff has really given a lot of freedom and it's exciting to be challenged. Being able to make mistakes and be corrected is the best way to learn.

Stand behing homeplate at Camelback Ranch

Back to the hotel, where our tickets should have arrived for the highly anticipated NLDS game 3. Just a small problem, the tickets didn't make it, the tickets reseller is closed and the game is in less then 24 hours. That doesn't look good...

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