Vanderbilt University - Introduction

First of all, a little clarification. This experience doesn't exactly fall into the EBCA Exchange program category.

My name is Christophe Dassy, from Belgium. I am of course a baseball coach but I am also a board member of the EBCA since 2008. I have organized, with the precious help of the EBCA staff,  several exchanges for our members, connecting coaches in Europe (13 coaches, from 8 different countries, since 2011) with coaches in top programs around the globe.

We came close a few years ago to sending a coach to Vanderbilt but, mostly for financial reasons (the Vanderbilt exchange costing more for our coach than the deals we are usually providing), it eventually didn't happen. 

So Here I am, in Nashville, capital of Music and home of the Commodores baseball team.

While this is not typically an EBCA exchange I felt the need to post on this blog for a few reasons.

First, it is a reminder that we, EBCA, can connect our member coaches with programs abroad. 
Many of the coaches we sent over the world have built long time relationships with their hosts and some received the chance to go back several times.
All of these coaches have improved their skills and lived a great experience.

Then, it has been such an incredible experience that I want to let the world know about Vanderbilt University's baseball program. A first class organization that does things right.
I liked the program for a number of years already but I am now an unconditional fan.

Lastly, I feel like I can't be selfish and keep all the information for myself. Baseball is about sharing. The people at Vanderbilt shared a lot with me with hope to impact as many persons as possible. 
I'm now putting a first brick in trying to do my part of the deal.

My report will be split in a few sections:
  • Facilities
  • Staff
  • Baseball 
  • Commodores' Secret Recipe 

Last minute picture with Tim Corbin before he rushes to a charity dinner.
Terrible quality of picture, but still priceless.
Coach Corbin allows me (in red) to address and thank the staff and the players in the classroom.

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