Vanderbilt University - Facilities - Part 1

I attended my first practice session on Tuesday September 22nd in the afternoon.
Drew Fann, the director of baseball operations at Vanderbilt and who helped me to organize this trip, takes me around the facilities.
Hawkins Fiels - Home of the Vanderbilt Commodores

As you can see on the pictures, it is gorgeous.
The football and baseball field are right by each other, separated only by a walkway.

The mounds from the pitching lab
Under the football stands, what they call the pitching lab. An underground room 30 to 35 meters long and about 15 meters wide.
The lab has a clay double mound. There is also a bunch of nets, and a couple of portable mounds.
It also features all small equipment and tools dedicated to pitching.

Players' locker
Drew takes me to the lockers. There are 3 lockers. The biggest one is for the players. It features a little room with sofas, TV and sound system. The coaches also have a small locker room at the same level. Then, the third locker room is reserved for the pros, who are coming back to work out in the offseason. Vanderbilt alumni are still very much part of the family.

The lounge room from the players' locker
The problem is that the coaches' locker is now a bit small and 2 staff members are using the pro locker. The second issue is that the pro locker was probably perfect when Tim Corbin took the helm of the program. Now, it's a bit different since this locker wouldn't hold the amount of pro players who graduated in a single year.

But as each problem has its solution, there will be some construction work done after the 2016 season.
Among other things, the pro locker will have the same size as the players' locker. 

On the first floor of this building are the baseball offices, the classroom (a key part of the program) and, what I call the walls of fame, that feature framed jerseys of the most notorious baseball alumni.

The classroom
The offices and the classroom are looking over left field.
Hawkins Field is all turf. All turf, yes. It includes the batter's box and more unusual, the brand new turf mound (which proved to be a game changer already during my stay).

Vanderbilt alumni David Price framed jersey

Left field is a bit shorter and features a big green wall, a la Fenway Park.

Just outside the playing surface, on the first and 3rd base sides of the field, are the bullpens. One double bullpen on each side, all turf.
Bullpen on 1st base side, with flat ground plates and home plates

The stands and bleachers have a capacity of 3700 and there is a press box behind home plate.

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