Vanderbilt University - Facilities - Part2

Behind the Green Monster, in left field, are the indoor batting cages.

Entrance to the building that holds the batting cages and the Weight room

The hitting room has 5 batting cages. Some have Iron Mike machines, some have 2-wheel machines and some have 3-wheel machines. There are also podiums in some of the cages to recreate the down angle of the balls.

The batting cages. Indoor pre-intersquad game, on a rainy day.

Overlooking the batting cages, the weight room.

The Power racks.
Not seen, against the other wall of the room, the Air-resisted machines, which are amazing.
The weight room isn't that big. It's nice but has little room for agility and med ball work.
Work that is done in the hallway or in the batting cages.

That, again, won't be a problem anymore next year as the batting level is planned to be moved down to allow the weight room to get a lot bigger.
The Dumbell area. At the very end, the Omaha challenge winners board.

A small group of players go through their foam roll routine

So, while I am sure there must be other college baseball programs with better facilities, I feel like Vanderbilt is a great place. Everything is done with a lot of class. Nothing crazy of flashy but everything beautiful and efficient.
And it keeps getting better every year because on and off the field, people are always looking to improve at Vanderbilt.

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