EBCA Exchange Coach Jorge Miqueleiz at Brewers' Instructional league

Day 1-2-3 at Milwaukee Brewers Minor League Complex

After a long trip from Spain at 6:30 in the morning I was at the door of the complex ready to meet staff members and start my first instructional league day.

When the staff meeting finished I went to field 8 to see the infield early work with the Infield Coordinator Bob Miscik and Dominican Summer League Manager Nestor Corredor. Always they are the first ones to star to work so I had time to see the hitters and the bunters in the cages and field 7. 
Usually they used the cages to hitting and relax his arms working in swing adjustments. Here are waiting single A hitting coach Ned Jost IV and rookie league hitting coach Kenny Dominguez.
In field 7 bunts practice focused on getting the better angle to achieve the goal. Some sacrifice bunts, bunts for a base hit, drag bunts or squeeze plays under Tony Diggs and Charlie Greene view. Tony is assistant director for development center and Charlie is the field and catching coordinator.
The players rotate for all the work areas.
At 9:00 am
were the players meeting, stretch and agilities ending with the throwing program. Pitchers move to another field to do the program. Is time to develop the individual position skills (I.P.S.):
Day 1. I went to saw the catchers drills with Greene and Corredor. They worked very hard with footwork and reaction drills. They used the pitching machine all the time. The catchers use football shin guards to cover his forearms in the block drills and foam extra pad under his chest protector. With this, they feel more comfortable and safe because the machine is in 90 mph.
Day 2. I went with Reggie Williams, outfield coordinator. I saw some communication drills and how he works the basics ones with his groups. He always uses different play situations in his drills and this help to do more fun the practice. Quality better than quantity he said.
Day 3. I was with DSL Pitching Coach Jose Nuñez at the uncovered bullpens for the pitchers delivery work. They are focused in the mechanics. Usually they did the towel drill and others.
After the IPS the players takes a BP on the fields and went to the club house. Is time for the lunch break. They have two instructional league teams and I went the first day with the “Advance” to Peoria to saw the game. Next day I was with the “Regular” team. Was very warm in Arizona these days: between 40-45ºC.
The second day I had a chance to use the “fungo” in the early work and since this moment I repeated every day. As well, I was included in the BP’s and I.P.S. with the infielders so I can learn a lot of things with Bob Miscik.

Third day I was invited to be the manager in an internal game. I enjoy the experience and was very grateful with the staff. We discuss most of the game scenarios trying to find the best option in each play.

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