Last days at Milwaukee Brewers Minor League Complex

The second week in Phoenix was more intensive than first one because I was included in the program every day at infield early work, infielders I.P.S. and BP program so when I finished my task I took the opportunity to go and observe other activities at cages, bullpens or gym when was possible.

At the gym was Jeff Mester, Minor League Strength & Conditioning Coordinator, with his staff working with weights and stuff. Like I studied and work like trainer too I was like at home. We discuss about schedules and settings for each player and time of year: rest or recovery times, ranges of movement... Was very interesting too because I consider another task ahead to improve. As well, they did an important nutrition and supplementation speech for off-season program.



Another interesting activity
during the program was ear the after-game coaches conversations about the plays during the games in the classroom. You can learn a lot here too. Bob usually ask me about infielders performance if he was a different game and I explained him my perceptions about some plays.


During all the “Advance” Instructional League games also I talked with double A hitting coach Dwayne Hosey in baserunning or outfielders performance. With the manager Corredor about games strategy in stress situations or regular ones: when cover the lines, when use a bunt play or no, or what kind of defense movements use in each situations. In the last innnigs of this games, I moved to the bullpen and  talked with the bullpen pitching coaches ( Jose Nuñez, Elvin Nina...) about pitchers warm up in bullpen, how they prepare the guys before go to the mound or what kind of pitches they teach to use in different games situations.


 I want to give thank’s one more time to EBCA and MLB for try me for this program and allowing me to live this amazing experience. Of course, all the Milwaukee Brewers staff members because I felt like another staff guy since the first moment I cross the complex door and Milwaukee Brewers organization to collaborate with MLB in this program.

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