MLB European Academy Tirrenia Last Part

Day 4:

   Day starts at 8:15 by early workouts for infielders – working on foot work and angles to aproach the ball. Hitters are working in cages on how to keep hands inside of the ball. I joined pitchers for morning work out. Pitchers started working on flaws which saw previous day during video session. It is very impressive how pitchers are trying to help each other as they are working on the little details in their pitching.
   Today is last full day and it is called Review day of all stuff which has been done so far, so coaches emphasize importance of stay sharp and focused during all day. Main workout starts with warm up and play catch at 9:00. Next 30 minutes are position work outs for catchers, infield, outfield and pitchers. At 10:00 all players are gathered around home plate as they go through situation plays and cut offs. All defensive situations are practiced in high tempo and this part is finished with cut off systems. Players shown, that they have listened to the coaches and half day off is visible on their very active performance on the field. Morning session is finished with two stations of live BP and  hitting of the Tee in cages. Meanwhile pitchers recap covering bases and very quick PFP.

   Afternoon is game. Before game both teams take infield/outfield. I took part of Team Blue as coach on first base. Hitters are very agressive and hit of the first pitches. Catchers on both sides are showing their arms as they catching several steals. After game all coaches positively evaluated effort of all players during game and practices and chose 4 players which are going to pick their rosters for friday´s last game. Game was very quick today and it gives me and some other coaches short time to make a trip to the beach and try italian ice cream. 

   After dinner all coaches decided to stay later in caffetria and talk about baseball topics as last evening of this camp arrived.

    Tomorrow is my last day here…..what an experience so far….

Day 5:

   Last day has arrived but all players reported on early work outs as it would be their first one. Coaches spent these last work outs by answering questions of players and reviewing important stuff for players to work on.
   Quick warm up and play catch is followed by last game. All players are enjoying every moment of the game as well as coaches.

   After game all players are gathered around home plate and coaches are having closing speech.  Players were told to keep up their good work and carry on as much as they can to the rest of the season and more importantly to the off-season as that will make the major impact on their next season.

   As soon as speech was finished all coaches received big applause from players. Coaches took time to take pictures with players and as surprise each players received signed ball by all coaches.
    Five days flew by very quickly, but I must say what a great experience…… I took loads of baseball knowledge with me…..

   Thanks to all who make this experience happend…

   Before I finish my writing, one thing which stood in my mind the most is, that all coaches in every situation were spreading their positive attitude and their approach to the players when every flaw and fault was transfered into a positive message and stated as part of their learning  proces to become a baseball players….


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