Wednesday - Camp day

Wednesday started strong as rehab guys were busy doing some shoulder strengthening exercises.
We took some pictures and videos of the exercises.

7.30 - Coach meeting.
8.00 - Early work with the infielders. Some news interesting drills and points are brought and and we take some notes of those.
8.40 - IPS Individual Position Skills.
We follow the catcher on one side, with Charlie Greene putting up a clinic in stance and signals.
On another field, we take some notes on outfield drills, PFPs and infield drills.

It's a short day, (Camp day, our team doesn't face another team), we head to the field to play an intrasquad game.

We get the chance to coach 1st and 3rd base alternatively and be corrected by the most experienced coaches. It's amazing how the Brewers are really willing to help us in getting better. Everybody is willing to give us some tips on some topics and those first few days have been incredibly enlightening.

After that game and lunch, we head towards Peoria where our advanced team, paired up with the advanced guys from the Mariners face the Rangers/Royals advanced guys.

Good pitching overall. Offensively though, Brewers struggle as they don't score any run.

It's a great time to say hi to the Royals guys from last year. Vance Wilson, Mark Davies and some others.

After the day is over with the Brewers, we go to Chase field where Stan Luketich, coach at Desert Mesa High School and MLB Envoy Coach.
Incredible baseball night obviously as nothing is determined yet for the play-offs.
Who will play the play-offs, against who, who will get the home field advantage? All these questions were in the air.
Some major upsets obviously as Boston and Atlanta were kicked out of the play-offs by the Rays and Cardinals.

A great day overall in all aspects.

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