Thursday September 30

We get on the field and get to see the catching practice in the cages with Charlie Greene and Nestor Corredor.

Their practice is a well prepared routine. For those who attended the ABCA Convention of San Diego a few years ago or the German Clinic las year, it's pretty much the same routine that Charlie explained in his topics there.
Seeing live though brings a different perspective.
Halfway blocks, doubles, triples... off a pitching machine shooting sliders.
In another cage, Nestor is shooting balls for catchers to receive.  Some of these balls reach 102 MPH. And they handle it pretty well.

Filip went to see the pitchers and infielders work on bunt defenses and double plays.

After some more talks about pitching, we are handed a coaching helmet. After a first experience in the intrasquad game Wednesday, we are allowed to coach 1st base in the next 2 games.

Darnell Coles is kind enough to give us some tips about coaching on base.
Director of Player Development, Reid Nichols is giving us some advice ad corrections during the game and Charlie brings his pieces of advices too. 

The guys here actually care about about making us better, which makes the trip really worth it.

We get killed 12-2 by a heavy hitting Diamondbacks squad. Let's hope the result of this game won't reflect the same matchup tat will start on Saturday in the NLDS where the two organizations will square up.

The day at the complex is over and we take advantage of the free time to go to the movie theater. Not totally away from baseball as our pick for today is no other that the movie "Moneyball" based on the book by Michael Lewis. A must-read book and a must-see movie for all people who like baseball. 

The day is over and it was another good one. Looking forward to tomorrow.

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