First steps on the field with the Brewers

This first day on the field, was certainly a great day.
Filip, arrived a day early but didn't take part to on-field activities because the Brewers want all their staff to pass a physical before they clear them to take the field.
Tuesday, by 9.30, that was done and things could really begin.
Here are some of the highlights of the day.

At 8.35, the pitchers who pitched on Monday gather in the classroom and look at the videos taken during their outing.
Pretty fascinating software. The pitchers are filmed from 4 different angles. The software, after some preparation work has been done, allows to see the pitching sequence of every batter of the game. Also, if you want to check all the low pitches on the video, you just click to a zone of the strike-zone, and it displays all the videos of those pitches, one after the other, in the angle you chose. Coaches do comment but not too much. Players need to see and be critical about what they did.
The thing wit the pitchers is that you sense a process where the pitchers is empowered in his own development. He is taught to become his own coach, down the road.

9AM, Physical test with the Doc and we are cleared to get on the field.

As we get on the field, it's like a kid in a toys' store. You just don't know where to look.
The work is pretty individualized and players are all over the different places of the complex. Catchers wok in the cage with Charlie Greene junior, who spoke a few times in Europe. His dad is also in camp. He visited Europe many times and they both love to share their passion for baseball.

Outfielders and infielders are working on field 7 for while while some pitchers are in the bullpen.
In the bullpen, it's not random playing catch. Pitchers work on holding the ball, varying their looks, and throw the pitches in a pre-determined sequence. Another pitcher stand behind each of them and is assessing if the pitch was executed or not.
2 of the pitchers finish their pen with a little game where one picks a pitch and a spot and, if he succeeds, the other one needs to execute it too. If he fails, the first one is credited with a point.
A great way to have the kids really focus on what they are doing.
In the meantime, some other pitchers have joined the infielders, for PFPs.
Outfielders have moved to the indoor cages to take some cuts on front toss.

Then, off to batting practice. BP takes place on several fields. Small groups of players are on each field.
It's really a hitting practice. Not a full BP with runners and fungoers and tons of things going on. We haven't figured out the details of the BP yet (group sorted by position or specific needs?).

11 AM, early lunch then, the advanced team goes to Goodyear (one of the numerous stadiums in the Phoenix area) while the Instructional team squares off with the Cubs at home.
During the game, coaches and staff ask us about baseball in Europe. How we picked it up, what's our background. You can tell, they have passion for the game.
Charlie Greene Jr talks about Euro catchers and tells how surprised he was to see a Czech catcher with the Indians who seemed pretty polished. We start a conversation about European players and talk about a young catcher signed recently by the Cubs as we are currently playing them. Sure enough a few innings later, Alberto Mineo, steps up to the plate and catches the end of the game.
He is staying here for the Instructional League then will head back to Italy to finish school. After he is done with high school, he will play full time in the US.

The day was over around 3.30 PM and we went out to some sports shop and ate something before going to bed.

Wednesday promises to be very exciting. Stay tuned...

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