Oakland Athletics - Part 2

Every morning at 6:00 it’s coaches work out

In the club house, you are dressing next to guys like:
  • Bob welsh  16 years in the major
  • Bret Boone 14 years in the major
  • Ryan Christenson 5 years in the major
  • A bench of former minor leaguer for some of them they makes it to the big league
  • Also, John Jaso, catcher for the big club, is rehabbing here

    and getting some ABs to get ready for the play-offs. 

Bob is interested by Belgian waffles he is impressed that we put piece of sugar in it. He definitely wants to give it a try.

Morning session until 11:00:

Infield, pitching catching, outfield.Batting practice for everybody except pitchers. Catching on the side when they are not hitting.

Game vs the giants away. Again facilities are amazing (at least four perfect field) and only 20min drive from our place. Everybody says that the Diamondbacks facilities are way more beautiful. I can’t imagine that, it seems impossible.

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