Visiting GSU Day 2

Playing baseball at the collegiate level , especially division 1, requires a lot of administrative planning.  Monday mornings Coach Frady´s assistants update the stats for their own team, teams in their conference and teams that are coming up in the schedule. Also the assistants need to plan their recruiting trips to local high school and Junior Colleges. Calls are made, scouting reports requested from other coaches to get insight on the upcoming opponents. Nick Hogan, Director of Baseball Operations for GSU Baseball, is finalizing planning for spring break trip to Brighthouse Invitational.

I got the chance to sit in the meeting when coaches discuss the weekend series: Which player stood out, who´s going good, who´s struggling?
The starters for the coming week are named, the practice und travel schedulesae set up and other things relevant to the team are talked about. Afterwards, Head coach Frady also has his weekly video interview with the Sports communication department. The interviewer aks a few questions about what was going on with GSU baseball and what´s to come during spring break.

At the baseball office looked at some of the charts and scouting techniques the GSU program uses to evaluate opponent and high school talent. Of course scouting in College offers a far greater return because there are so many new players all the time. Even while Scouting and charting a whole lot does not give you as much of an edge, it´s great to see what others and how a D1 program handles it. After all, there might be just a little part/chart/aspects that could be put to good use in our leagues.

The players don´t come out at all this monday, even though they do not have to go to class because they are officially in spring break. While all non-athletes go home for a few days (or go party in Florida), the baseball players stay to play. After a tough three game series and four games and a lot of travel before the end of the week.

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